About Dr. Peter Pourense

Dr. Peter Pourense has been caring for patients in the Denver, Colorado area for over 26 years. Dr. Peter works in the same office where his small primary care practice has been located for around 35 years now, first established by his father. He strongly believes that the art of an old-fashioned primary care doctor is a feature that is important to the medical system of America, and should be honored and preserved, as well as protected, from excessive interference from government regulation and insurance companies alike.

With the many changes over the past years in the healthcare industry, as well as changes in regulations that affect healthcare, and as a way to help preserve what Dr. Peter sees as an art of old-fashioned primary care, his practice has shifted to a model of direct care. This means that patients are able to purchase primary health care services directly at an affordable monthly fee rather than having their health care bills sent to an insurance company. This keeps care more affordable and creates a wonderful doctor-patient relationship with everyone visiting the office.

This blog was created to help patients of Dr. Peter, as well as others, to live a healthier life and better understand how to manage conditions they may be facing. We will be covering many health conditions here and what you can do about them.